ALTAI - About Us and Our Philosophy.

Welcome. ALTAI Partnership, intellectual property associates and foreign law firm in Taiwan, was established in 2001 by a group of colleagues who had worked together for a number of years, and with the simple aim of being a source of understandable legal advice and information for clients, from Taiwan, Asia, and around the world, which could be trusted and relied upon.

To achieve this ALTAI strives to have a clear understanding of its clients’ businesses, their needs, and their goals, and to become an important member of the clients’ business team, offering timely and appropriate advice and recommendations. Obviously ALTAI’s legal advice is provided based on professional knowledge, but we also attempt to provide clients with helpful practical recommendations on important connected matters that may be as varied as dealing with local language and cultural issues to how to establish a local office or searching for suitable employees.

By building a long term working relationship with our clients, ALTAI wants to help them aim for and achieve their goals, to protect their rights, and to move forward into the future with confidence in local and international markets.

ALTAI, with its team of internationally experienced professionals, has provided services in Taiwan, Asia, and around the world for a wide range of clients from the local entrepreneur to the multi-national corporation. We now invite you to work with us, to find out why you can trust us to provide the services you need, and please contact us.