Intellectual Property – Trademarks, Designs, and Domain Names.

Trademarks and Designs:

A trademark is a word, logo, symbol, color, sound, or three dimensional shape that is placed on a product or in promotional materials for services that helps to distinguish those products and services from those offered by competitors, thus distinguishing them and their origins from those of others.

Design registrations may be granted to anyone who invents a new original design for an article to be manufactured, and it can be said that a design uses the shape, pattern, color, or combination thereof to enhance the article’s quality, affinity, and value.

For most businesses, their trademarks and designs are one of their most valuable assets, and is the basis of their reputations, and consumer recognition.

ALTAI offers an increasing number of valuable services to clients in these areas including:

  • helping clients to decide upon their trademarks and designs, including local language and customs considerations, and to create with clients a brand strategy for Taiwan, Asia, and around the world.
  • obtaining clearance searches to ensure that a selected trademark can be registered.
  • arranging for the local or international filing and registration of trademarks or designs through an international network of established associates.
  • registration of domain names (see below).
  • enforcement of rights relating to trademarks and designs, including working with the customs and police authorities, and the courts in relation to the same.
  • arranging anti-counterfeiting operations.
  • assigning, licensing, and franchising of trademark or design rights.
  • trademark portfolio management.
  • trademark oppositions and cancellation proceedings.
  • filing complaints with the Fair Trade Committee, if third parties inappropriately use similar trademarks.
  • mediation of intellectual property disputes.
  • trademark watch service.

Domain Names:

In this rapidly developing area of business and commerce, ALTAI offers a wide range of services in Taiwan, Asia, and around the world including:

  • the registration and renewal of domain names.
  • handling domain name infringement and dispute cases.
  • advising on connected trademark registration issues.
  • E-commerce issues.